UNESCO sites

Discovering the treasures of Campania

Immersed in the beauty of the Amalfi Coast, Palazzo Suriano offers an ideal starting point for exploring the many UNESCO sites of Campania. This region, rich in history, art and breathtaking landscapes, is the custodian of some of humanity's most significant heritage sites, all reachable by journeys no more than two hours away from the hotel, thus allowing guests to admire the magnificence of these places and return in the evening to the comfort of the Palace.

Naples and its Historic Center

Less than an hour away, the beating heart of Naples preserves priceless treasures such as the Church of Santa Chiara and the Castel Nuovo, testifying to the passage of different Mediterranean and European cultures.

The Archaeological Areas of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata

A journey back in time to 79 AD, when the eruption of Vesuvius sealed these Roman cities, extraordinarily preserving their frescoes and daily structures.

The Amalfi Coast

From Palazzo Suriano, the Coast is at your door. This UNESCO site, famous for its incredible landscapes and picturesque villages overlooking the sea, represents one of the most exciting and panoramic experiences in Italy.

The Royal Palace of Caserta with the Park, the Vanvitelli Aqueduct and the San Leucio Complex

This example of the magnificence of the Bourbon monarchy, with its vast gardens and artistic fountains, is a masterpiece of human genius, just an hour and a half away by car.

The Certosa di Padula

Located in the province of Salerno, this is one of the largest charterhouses in Europe, a baroque jewel that testifies to the cultural and spiritual richness of the region. Just over an hour away, it offers a unique immersion in the monastic life of the past.

The Arch of Trajan in Benevento

Slightly further away, but easily accessible for a day trip, Trajan's Arch stands as one of the best-preserved Roman monuments, celebrating the city's ancient importance as a crossroads of culture and trade.

Each visit to the UNESCO sites of Campania is not just a journey through scenic beauty, but a journey of discovery of the deep roots that have shaped European culture, art and history. Palazzo Suriano is proud to be able to offer its guests the opportunity to explore these treasures, with the convenience of returning every evening to a welcoming and refined environment, where the past meets modern comfort.