The palace

An enchantment between history and sea

In the beating heart of the Divine Amalfi Coast, suspended between the cerulean shades of the sea and the lush green of the citrus groves, stands the majestic Palazzo Suriano, guardian of stories, traditions and timeless elegance. This imposing 18th century residence, set in the rocky setting of Vietri sul Mare, represents an enchanting refuge for those seeking an exclusive stay, a travel experience that is an intimate dialogue with the beauty, history and culture of one of the corners most evocative in Italy.

Portal towards
an era of nobility
and beauty

The entrance to Palazzo Suriano reveals itself as a portal to an era of other times; every detail, from the Vietri ceramic floors, to the frescoed walls, to the period furnishings, tells of a noble past and a profound love for Italian art and craftsmanship. Guests are welcomed into environments where time seems to have stopped, where each room reveals a piece of the history of the building, each fresco tells a legend, each decorative object reveals an obsessive attention to detail.

An incomparable landscape spectacle

The position of Palazzo Suriano is a true geographical masterpiece: overlooking the enchanting Gulf of Salerno, it offers a breathtaking view that embraces Vietri, the city of Salerno and extends to the marine horizon. The terraces and balconies, real natural stages, offer guests the perpetual spectacle of the sea, fiery sunrises and golden sunsets that only the Amalfi Coast can offer.

Beyond a simple stay: an unforgettable experience

Palazzo Suriano is not simply a place to stay overnight; it is a home that tells stories, that welcomes, that envelops guests in an embrace made of history, discreet luxury and warm hospitality. Carlo and Camillo De Felice, the young owners, have transformed their family legacy into a Heritage Hotel with passion and dedication where the dream of old-fashioned hospitality becomes reality. Thanks to their vision, the Palace is today a place where tradition meets modern comfort, where the charm of history blends with the pursuit of the guest's well-being.

Rooms that tell stories

Each room is a unique gem, where the design respects and enhances the original architecture; from the terracotta floors to the bathrooms covered in colored Vietri ceramics, from the frescoes on the ceilings to the period furniture. The attention to detail and the intimate and welcoming atmosphere make every stay at Palazzo Suriano an unforgettable experience, a journey through time that offers authentic emotions.

An invitation to rediscover time and beauty

Palazzo Suriano invites you to rediscover the pleasure of slowness, appreciation for beauty, immersion in a unique cultural and natural landscape. It is a destination not only for travelers in search of beauty and relaxation, but also for those who wish to live a profound experience, a memory that is inscribed in the heart and memory.

The experience
Palazzo Suriano:
an evocative refuge
and elegant

Coming to Palazzo Suriano means giving yourself a refined break from the frenetic world, it is choosing to experience a holiday where luxury is expressed in the authenticity of the experience, in the elegance of the welcome, in the nobility of the spaces. It is an invitation to enter a suspended dimension, where every moment is precious, every corner tells a story, every view opens the heart.

A dream of beauty and hospitality to live

In this treasure chest of beauty and tradition, hospitality becomes an art, and the stay transforms into an unforgettable journey through time, history, and the wonders of one of the world's most beloved coasts. Palazzo Suriano is more than a hotel; it is a dream of beauty and hospitality waiting to be experienced.