Discover the pleasures of the palate among the food and wine experiences at Palazzo Suriano. With us, the culinary tradition of Campania merges with hospitality to offer you an authentically Italian dining selection, rich in surprises and enhanced by a refined atmosphere imbued with memories of the past.


At Palazzo Suriano, we are committed to making every event an unforgettable experience, offering our guests the choice of three excellent local catering services, carefully selected to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. Each caterer is known for its culinary excellence and ability to create customized menus that reflect the rich gastronomic tradition of our region, while ensuring impeccable service and unparalleled attention to detail.
Luxury catering:for those seeking a high-level gastronomic experience, this service offers refined and innovative dishes, prepared with seasonal ingredients and presented with extreme aesthetic care. Perfect for formal events or special celebrations, this catering stands out for its ability to transform every dish into a work of art.
Traditional catering: focused on the culinary tradition of Campania, this service offers classic local recipes, prepared according to ancient traditions and with top quality local products. It is the ideal option for those who want to offer their guests an authentic journey into the taste of the Amalfi Coast.
Creative catering: for those who like to experiment, this catering expertly combines traditional cuisine with touches of innovation, creating a unique and personalized menu. It is perfect for events looking to amaze guests with original combinations and surprising presentations.
Regardless of your choice, you can be sure that every detail will be taken care of with the utmost attention, to ensure that your event at Palazzo Suriano is a memory that will remain imprinted in the hearts of your guests. We invite you to contact us to discuss your needs and preferences, so that together we can organize a celebration tailored to you.
Palazzo Suriano cares a lot about the satisfaction of the spouses on the most important day of their lives, offering them the opportunity to personalize every aspect of their wedding, including the catering service. If you have a particular chef in mind or would like to bring your own trusted chef, we are open to evaluating these proposals to ensure they reflect Palazzo Suriano's high standards of quality and service.

Wood oven

The ancient tradition of the wood-fired oven lives again at Palazzo Suriano, where Italian culinary art is expressed through the preparation of true Neapolitan pizza. Cooking in a wood-fired oven, as per authentic standards, not only guarantees that external crunchiness and internal softness that only true Neapolitan pizza can offer, but also imbues the dough with a unique and unmistakable aroma. 

This traditional method, combined with the selection of fresh, quality ingredients, allows our guests to enjoy an authentic culinary experience deeply rooted in Italian culture, celebrating the flavors and aromas of our land.

In addition to pizza, Palazzo Suriano's wood-fired oven lends itself magnificently to baking for special occasions, transforming simple ingredients into crunchy bread with an irresistible aroma that wafts through the air in the early hours of the morning.

This olfactory experience is unparalleled: the scent of freshly baked bread, rich and enveloping, is able to enchant the senses, inviting guests to start the day on the right foot. 

The presence of the wood-fired oven is a declaration of love for Italian cuisine, an invitation to discover and appreciate the authenticity and richness of flavors that only traditional cooking methods like this can offer.

Our dishes

Let's choose together some emblematic dishes for this culinary adventure:

Seafood first course: spaghetti with clams

A timeless classic of Neapolitan and coastal cuisine, Spaghetti alle Vongole will take you straight to the heart of the sea with their simplicity and full, rich flavour. You will learn to select the best clams and balance the flavors with garlic, parsley, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

First course of land: gnocchi Sorrento style
From the sunny slopes of Sorrento, gnocchi alla Sorrentina are a hymn to conviviality and comfort food. Prepared with a fresh tomato sauce, basil, buffalo mozzarella and parmesan, they are a heart-warming dish.
Seafood second course: marinated anchovies
A light and tasty dish, perfect for starting your dinner with a touch of freshness. The anchovies, marinated in an emulsion of oil and lemon, become tender and delicious, a true treasure of the sea.
Second course of land: pork chop with ragù

Pork chop with ragù is a rich and substantial dish, where the meat is slowly cooked in an aromatic tomato sauce until it becomes incredibly tender. A journey into the robust flavors of the Campania region.

Side dish: pan-fried broccoli
Friarielli, a type of broccoli typical of the region, sautéed with garlic and chilli, offer the perfect side dish for our second courses, combining taste and lightness.
Dessert: Lemon delight & Baba
We conclude our culinary journey with two desserts that embody the essence of Campania pastry making: the Lemon Delight, soft and fragrant, and the Babà, moist with rum and irresistibly delicious. Both desserts offer a sweet and memorable ending to your dining experience.
Palazzo Suriano is the ideal starting point for exploring the treasures of Campania and immersing yourself in its rich culinary traditions. Book your stay and prepare to live an unforgettable experience.

The bar

Space of elegance and refinement, where guests can immerse themselves in a unique sensorial experience through the tasting of carefully selected spirits from all over the world. In this intimate and welcoming corner, each shelf tells a story, each bottle a tradition.
Shelf of International Whiskeys
Discover our collection of whiskies, from peated and smoked Scotch whiskies, which evoke the wild moorland and indomitable character of the Highlands, to Japanese ones, with their elegance and precision, notes of cherry blossom and a delicacy that caresses the palate. Let yourself be seduced by the hints of malt, peat, honey and dried fruit that reveal themselves sip after sip.
Sweet spirits from Campania
Travel through the flavors of Campania with our wide selection of sweet spirits: from limoncello, with its explosion of citrus freshness, to nocino, with a rich and complex flavour, up to the unique sweetness of buffalo milk liqueur. Every sip is an invitation to discover the secrets and traditions of our land.
Amaro and Mixology of Southern Italy
On the bar counter, the shelf of Calabrian and Southern Italian bitters awaits you for a discovery of the intense and deep flavors of the boot. From the Eroico to the Jefferson, passing through the Amaro del Capo, choose them on the rocks or pure to better appreciate the bouquet of aromatic herbs, spices and roots like those to be tasted among the legends of Liquore Strega.
Italian grappas
For grappa lovers, our selection ranges from the purity of Trentino grappas, clear and clean in taste, to the fruity varieties and the special hazelnut one, a real treat for the palate. The hazelnut grappa, in particular, is a must for our guests, appreciated for its rich and enveloping flavour.
In this environment where mixology meets tradition, the Palazzo Suriano Bar offers not only drinks, but experiences: moments to live and remember, where every detail, from the glass to the garnish, is designed to exalt your senses and offer you a relaxing break. pure pleasure.

The breakfast

Our breakfast is a moment of pure delight that awakens the senses, offering guests of the Palace a unique tasting experience, which blends the richness of local products with the variety of international offerings. Immersed in the tranquility and beauty of the landscape, guests can start the day with a breakfast that is a true sensorial journey through the flavors of Campania and beyond.
For savory lovers, breakfast becomes an exploration of the typical products of the region: selected cheeses, fresh mozzarella, quality cured meats, accompanied by salads of Sorrento or Piennolo tomatoes, grown in the sunny lands of Campania. These ingredients, known for their freshness and authenticity, offer an authentic taste of local culinary traditions.
Those who prefer dessert in the morning will be welcomed by a variety of artisanal jams, creamy yogurt, homemade tarts and desserts, all prepared with passion using fresh, seasonal ingredients. The fresh, crunchy and fragrant naturally leavened bread is ideal for accompanying the spreads, while the fresh seasonal fruit, including figs, mandarins and oranges from the garden and Cilento, invites you to a sweet and natural awakening.
The breakfast experience is enriched with the possibility of enjoying freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juices, citrus fruits from our garden, a true explosion of taste and freshness that captures the essence of the Campania land.
For those who want an international touch, Palazzo Suriano also offers an American breakfast, such as American coffee, pancakes, peanut butter, scrambled eggs and omelettes, thus guaranteeing a variety capable of satisfying all tastes.
And, of course, there must be the inevitable espresso coffee, the pride of the Campania roasting company, which with its intense and enveloping aroma represents a true seal of an unforgettable breakfast.
For those who prefer an Italian breakfast, Palazzo Suriano offers cappuccino and croissant
The cappuccino, carefully prepared by our baristas, is characterized by its creamy and velvety foam, a perfect balance between the rich and aromatic espresso coffee and the expertly frothed milk. Each sip is a warm embrace that awakens the senses, preparing for the day with the right dose of energy and warmth.
Our croissants, inspired by the French tradition but revisited with a touch from Campania, stand out for their buttery and at the same time incredibly crunchy texture. Filled with a delicious hazelnut cream produced in Giffoni, near Salerno, these croissants represent the perfect union between taste and tradition, offering a unique culinary experience that delights the palate from the first bite.
Breakfast at Palazzo Suriano is thus enriched with authentic flavors and moments of pure sweetness, making the start of each day simply unforgettable.
Breakfast at Palazzo Suriano is not just a meal, but a moment of conviviality and discovery, where every detail is taken care of to offer an unforgettable experience, capable of making you fall in love with this land rich in history, culture and authentic flavours.