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Campania cooking mini-courses

Within the enchanting setting of Palazzo Suriano, we invite you to discover the culinary delights of Campania through unique gastronomic experiences. Among the most fascinating proposals, our mini-cooking courses offer the opportunity to learn how to prepare authentic Campania dishes, followed by a tasting dinner to savor your own creations.

At Palazzo Suriano, we invite you to immerse yourself in the heart of Campanian cuisine through our personalized culinary workshops. Take the opportunity to prepare and savor three renowned local delicacies: gnocchi, pizza, and limoncello.

Each course is designed to offer hands-on experience in preparing these traditional dishes, using ingredients that are testament to the region's rich gastronomic heritage. After learning the art of making them, indulge in the fruits of your labor by tasting each creation, enhanced by the authentic flavors of local products.

Fresh Pasta Laboratory

In our fresh pasta workshop, we will guide you in the creation of gnocchi and tagliatelle, teaching you to enhance simple ingredients for extraordinary results. After kneading and shaping your pasta, you will discover the pleasure of seasoning it with fresh and tasty sauces, for a rich and satisfying tasting experience.

Margherita Pizza Experience

Take part in our pizza preparation session where the Pizza Margherita is the absolute protagonist. With the dough rolled out by hand by you, seasoned with the freshest Campania tomatoes and crowned with rich Salerno mozzarella, this workshop promises an authentic Neapolitan experience. Learn the secrets of the perfect crust and balance of flavors that make Pizza Margherita a global favorite. The reward for your craftsmanship? Cook the pizza in the most traditional of ovens, the wood-fired one, the only one capable of offering you the true flavor of Neapolitan pizza. You can enjoy your own pizza in the company of other enthusiasts.

Preparation of Limoncello

We will reveal the sparkling secrets of creating the perfect limoncello, using the sun-kissed lemons of the gardens of Palazzo Suriano. This laboratory offers a step-by-step guide to creating this beloved Italian liqueur, from the selection of the best lemons, to the final bottling. Enjoy the satisfaction of mixing, macerating and sweetening your potion, followed by a tasting session. It's a refreshing finale to your culinary adventure at Palazzo Suriano, leaving you with a taste of Amalfi to take home.

Mastery in Meats

Immerse yourself in the Neapolitan culinary tradition by preparing meatballs with sauce and chops. Under the guidance of our experts, you will learn to mix the right spices and cook the meat so as to make it tender and succulent, a real journey into taste that culminates in a tasting that celebrates the intense aromas and flavors of Campania.

Eggplant Parmigiana

Dedicated to lovers of intense flavors, our eggplant parmigiana workshop will teach you about layers of fried eggplant, rich tomato sauce, stringy mozzarella and fresh basil, culminating in a rich, comforting dish that is a classic loved throughout Italy.

Sweet Delights

End the culinary experience in style with the preparation of classic desserts such as lemon tiramisu or caprese cake. You will learn the tricks for impeccable desserts, from the soft base to the rich and aromatic cream, to end your gastronomic journey at Palazzo Suriano on a sweet note.

Workshop on the Mediterranean Diet

Explore the principles of the healthy Mediterranean Diet through interactive workshops that include tastings of local products such as extra virgin olive oil, fresh fish and seasonal vegetables, accompanied by a glass of the best red wine in the area. A culinary journey that celebrates the best of Campania gastronomy, respecting the standards of one of the healthiest and most sustainable eating styles in the world.