The gardens

The melody of the gardens of Palazzo Suriano

The gardens of Palazzo Suriano reveal themselves as a symphony of colours, scents and suggestions that dance to the rhythm of the seasons, in a place where nature expresses itself with a language of pure and uncontaminated beauty. Set between the rock and the sea, they are a living tribute to the harmony that only nature can create, and represent a distinctive element of this magnificent historic residence.

Mediterranean oasis
between colors and scents
of the Coast

Immersed in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, these gardens are an oasis of peace and beauty, a refuge for the soul seeking tranquility and inspiration. Every corner, every path, every view has been conceived to offer guests a unique sensorial experience, a journey through the colours, sounds and scents of the Mediterranean.

A heritage of greenery and colours

The hanging gardens of Palazzo Suriano, which overlook the infinite blue of the Gulf of Salerno, are a sublime example of how green architecture can integrate perfectly with the surrounding landscape. Here, the rocky crags are transformed into lush terraces, where centuries-old citrus and olive trees tell of ancient traditions, and the bougainvillea, with their vibrant fuchsia, frame postcard views.

The dance of the seasons

Each season offers a different spectacle: from spring, when the gardens light up with the colors of the blooms, to summer, with the intense scent of jasmine and roses that mixes with that of the sea; from autumn, when the golden light highlights the silvery green of the olive trees, to winter, when the quiet of the gardens invites reflection and rest.

A meeting place between man and nature

The gardens of Palazzo Suriano were designed not only as an aesthetic setting for the historic residence, but also as spaces for living, meeting and sharing. They are the ideal place to walk in peace, read a book in the shade of an ancient tree, or simply admire the breathtaking view that extends to the horizon.

Unique experiences

Imagine sipping an aperitif at sunset in these gardens, while the sky turns red and the air fills with the song of cicadas, or taking part in an elegant dinner under the stars, surrounded by the magic and charm of a garden that has seen history flow through its paths.

Conservation and respect

The care and maintenance of the gardens of Palazzo Suriano are based on the utmost respect for nature and the surrounding environment. The use of sustainable gardening practices ensures that every plant, every flower, every tree can grow and thrive in harmony with the natural context, thus ensuring the conservation of this heritage for future generations.

Beauty refuge

The gardens of Palazzo Suriano offer a refuge of peace and beauty, an invitation to rediscover authentic contact with nature, to experience moments of pure serenity immersed in a landscape of incomparable beauty. They are the very essence of Palazzo Suriano's hospitality: a tribute to the beauty of the Amalfi Coast, an unforgettable experience that remains in the heart and soul of those lucky enough to experience it.