Gardens and Terraces

Palazzo Suriano boasts 5 terraced gardens (with an outdoor jacuzzi surrounded by beautifully-kept gardens) overlooking the sea with breathtaking views over the Vietri sul Mare, the Amalfi Coast and the Gulf of Salerno.

They are ideal to relax in the shade of the lemon and orange trees surrounded by enchanting bougainvillea, jasmin and wisteria in bloom and gaze at the beautiful sunsets over the Amalfi Coast.

La fonatana e il glicine Bougainvillea The garden in Amalfi Coast Palazzo Suriano Palazzo Suriano   giardini Ingresso Jacuzzi Garden Panorama garden Garden Garden Garden Garden Garden Palazzo Suriano   giardini a terrazza Palazzo Suriano   panchine di ceramica Palazzo Suriano   ingresso 3 6 9 The terraced gardens - I gairdino a terrazza The terraced gardens - I giardini a terrazza

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