Paestum - Archaeologic site

About 52 km from Palazzo Suriano, a wonderful tour of the archeologic site of Paaestum and templii + archeologic museum of Magna Grecia.

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The Agora: the political heart of the city, occupied the central part of the urban space. Inside stood the most representative public monuments.

The Amphitheater: founded in the era of Caesar (50 b.C.), it is among the oldest examples of this kind of buildings.

The Temple of Hera (550-450 b.C.), better known as the Basilica.

The Temple of Ceres or Athena (500 b.C.)

The Temple of Neptune or Poseidon (V century b.C.); it is regarded as the most perfect example of Doric temple in Italy and Greece.

The Tomb of the Diver: the only example of greek painting of the old Magna Grecia.