Palazzo Suriano and the austrian magazine Modern Times

"It stands like a relic from ancient times
Palazzo Suriano on the coast between
Vietri and Amalfi, halfway up
between sky and sea".

An excellent article on the 'Emotions' and Palazzo Suriano, the exclusive heritage hotel in Vietri sul mare, on the Amalfi Coast.

The journalist Silvia Matras, on the austrian magazine "Modern Times", writes about Palazzo Suriano and its enchanting rooms, the gardens, the old library and beautiful frescoed halls overlooking the Amalfi Coast and the Gulf of Salerno with the sound of a gramophone playing an old record in the background.

"Roberto opens the door. In the hall you can admire a bounganville
which dates back to the middle of the stone wall.
The music of a time that can never return resounds
through the halls. Someone put on an old record.
It seems that only music lives in the Palace.
Nothing else and nobody except music."


"Carlo, one of the owners of the Palazzo, is a passionate collector of ancient gramophones
and discs. And he gets excited when he says: "When I hear the sound and vibrations in the salons, it is like a dive into the past:
I immerse myself in the past, in the time when this music was created ".

The story continues with a description of the terrace gardens with a breathtaking view of the sea, among the green meadows and the scent of flowers, lemons, oranges ...:

"It's time for a quiet breakfast at the Palazzo. Virginia has already prepared a fresh fruit cake, an orange juice and has made the table on the terrace welcoming with love. Virginia is the good soul of the house, which brings life to the quiet and peaceful surroundings of the Palazzo.

TEXT Silvia Matras PHOTOGRAPHY 2020 © Palazzo Suriano,
Jacek Sopotnicki / Getty Images Plus, Silvia Matras